Our Services

Our Services

Sales: We can help you in selling your residential, commercial, industrial property or selling your business. We do Auctions and/or private sale (your choice).

No Sale No Commission is our Moto, so if we are not able to sell your property you do not have to pay any commission to us.

Rental: We can help you in renting out your residential, commercial / industrial property.

Buyer advocate services: we can give you advice on purchasing a property or a business and act as your advocate if the property is with another agent.

Tenant advocate: We can give you advice on your rights and duties as a tenant and can negotiate as your advocate in dealing with residential / commercial leases. If the property is with another agent.

Owners Corporation Management: We are a Licensed (Registered) Owners Corporation manager, and will match any fees with extra services offered to the owners of an owners corporation, as we are also a fully Licensed Estate Agent so obviously we have more knowledge than most of the owners corporation management services in not only managing owners corporation but also in property management and the valuation of the properties and therefore we are able to give you more advice on the issues which concerns tenants who are living in the complex and better advise as to how to look after the complex to increase the value of it and have more accurate property valuation for your insurance purposes.

Real Estate courses (private tutoring)

We do private tutoring and help students who are studying in real estate courses to gain their Agent representative certificate or Full license.

We also run practical courses for people who have completed their agent rep but do not have enough experience to get a job in the industry so we can teach and train them to gain extra knowledge that will give students the advantage and confidence to get employed in the industry. The cost of private tutoring is only $110 for one and half hours session (minimum cost of $330 for a minimum of 3 sessions).

We also have courses for property managers who are already working in the industry but want to gain more knowledge in representing their cases in VCAT and /or want to know how to handle difficult tenants.

Our Tutor is a qualified assessor and trainer who is a fully Licensed Estate Agent & Auctioneer, REIV (CEA)

We also run courses for landlords or tenants in teaching them about laws that regulate residential rental property or property managers who want to improve their skill or knowledge in residential property management.