Tenancy Application

Tenancy Application

How to Complete the Form

Make sure you complete all pages and sign the bottom of each page. Please write clearly and make sure you supply us with correct contact details, mobile phone, email address, etc.

If there is not enough space for a question, simply write the answer on an extra page and attach it to your application.

You can download your application form here 


Please return the completed and signed application form to our office in person or mail to this address.

Address: 31 Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill, Victoria, 3131

Alternatively you can download the form, print, sign, scan and email it to us to this email address.
Email: realestate@easterncentral.com.au

If you do not have access to a printer/scanner,  then give us a call  and make an appointment to come to the office to sign the forms.

Please remember we are here to help, so if there is any question or problem do not hesitate to give us a call.
Office: 98942300
Mobile: 0411 039 720.

Identification of Prospective Tenants

You must supply us with 2 forms of Identification and one of them must be a photo Identification.

The first form of Identification can be any valid passport or an Australian Driver License (overseas driver licenses are not accepted).

If you have a valid passport and an Australian Driver License (that is all we need)

The second form of Id can be a Medicare card or a bank card

If there are any issues give us a call on 98942300  or email us on realestate@easterncentral.com.au to discuss what other sort of Id you can provide to us, we will do our best to solve your problem

Identifications can be emailed to us in pdf format or Jpg, or you can simply bring them to the office by prior appointment and we will scan them for our record. (Whatever is easier for you?)


Privacy Collection Notice

The personal information that the prospective tenant provides to us in this application is necessary for us to verify your identity, we will use the information provided in this application to contact whatever source or whoever we think in our opinion is necessary to confirm that the information provided in your application is correct and true.

The personal information collected about the applicant may be disclosed by use of internet or otherwise to any party that we think in our reasonable opinion can help us to get more information about you as a prospective tenant.

You are well aware that the landlord of the property will be provided with full details of your application before the landlord can make any decision on your application and you do not have any objection on this issue.

If your application is successful and while you are at the property as a tenant we will provide your name and phone number to trades people to contact you and carry out any repairs / improvement at the property.

We may also provide your details to police, and or any other legal authority even after you have left the property.

We may also provide your details to water authority, gas and electricity suppliers in case you have not connected / disconnected the services to the property.

We will be only able to process your application and/or accept you as a tenant if you are happy for us to collect your information and share those information with others as has been mentioned above.